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The Transporter
Thursday, 21 April 2011
Springbed, Kitchen, and Well
Topic: R.A. Kartini

This is about an heroine named R.A. Kartini and her beliefs.

I respect this lady.

Posted by bogorfreeguide at 4:56 AM EDT
God's Thought
Topic: God's Thought Satan's Thought
Having god's thought is an easy way, but controlling satan's one is a different story. Trust me!

Posted by bogorfreeguide at 4:43 AM EDT
Devil Beating God
Topic: Devil vs God
Hard to believe ha? Really, sometimes it may happen to you. Devil finally beats god sometime.

Posted by bogorfreeguide at 4:41 AM EDT
Topic: super sudoku game 2011

I like playing the game, and this is one of game sites I often visit. There are four levels in it: beginner, casual, freak, and insane. Starting playing beginner level, though, is not easy enough for me but it's okay. The most important thing of is they daily update their sudoku game collection starting from beginner level. As an sudoku addicted gamer, I can print this game everyday and play it wherever I want to have fun.

Online sudoku game? Yes, that's nice but I prefer this one.

Posted by bogorfreeguide at 4:14 AM EDT

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