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Hi There

Hi There

This is an unforgettable adventure through Mount Salak. waterfall The journey will start from Pasir Reungit camping ground at Bogor and ended at Cidahu candlenut forest (Sukabumi).

When: everyday

Length: approx. 10 hours

Number of guests: one to four; kid is not allowed

Fee charged:
USD 80 per person.
The costs will cover pick-up & send-off the guests at and to the hotel at Bogor, guiding fee, picnic in trek, local transportation, and admission ticket to camping ground.

07.30 AM Guests are picked up at their hotel, then sent to Cibatok junction by 'angkot' public transportation.
08.15 AM Change transportation at Cibatok to reach Pasir Reungit camping ground.
09.15 AM Trek begins at Pasir Reungit camping ground to reach volcanic crater (Kawah Ratu) through tropical rainforest. This trek takes approximately two hours.
11.15 AM At volcanic crater the guests can find stream flowing among hot springs. The guests may go down to the stream to play cool water while taking a rest.
12.00 AM Continue trek through Cangkuang National Park. Again, the guests will explore beautiful tropical rainforest. This is two and a half hours trek.
02.30 PM Trek is ended at Cidahu candlenut forest (Sukabumi). The guests will take a rest for a while before continuing walking to Post 2 for 'angkot' public transportation to get Cicurug village at Sukabumi.
04.00 PM Change 'angkot' with diesel train at Cicurug village to reach Bogor. This trip takes one and a half hours.
05.30 PM Transfer the guests to hotel.

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