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"Nice kid comes from happy family"
"Keluarga yang bahagia akan menghasilkan anak yang baik"

THE ADIS BFG Tour Services is a small scale ecotour operator and homestay provider. It is founded in order to try to help improving quality of life and economy of villagers where BFG Tour Services operates its business. It is run by The Adis, a local village family, consisting of Adi Purwanto (father, 42), Nur Utami Sari'at Kurniati (mother, 38), Afrizal Labib Adinur (oldest son, 13), and Reyhan Satria Adinur (second/youngest son, 8). Beside managing BFG Tour Services, Adi now is working for ADITAMA English Kids (English course for elementary pupils) at Cibadak village, Bogor. Utami is an English teacher at Pakuan University at Bogor. Afrizal is at seventh grade now and Reyhan is at second grade.
(The picture taken on June 10, 2007).

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