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The wooden puppet is generally made of light wood, chiseled/carved, painted, dressed almost like real people and given a character in accordance with the stipulation and need. The wooden puppet that looks like people, with stylization here is also called Wayang Golek. As such, the name of the demonstration object and the kind of performance itself use a similar name, i.e. Wayang Golek. The corporeal reality of the Wayang Golek body is actually divided into three parts, namely the head and neck, hands, and the body. The three parts are made separately to be eventually connected forming a whole shape like real "people". The head and neck parts are connected by a sharpened bamboo piece of about the size of a little finger, enabling the puppet to turn its head left and right like man. The lower part of the bamboo is sharpened, and pierces the puppet's body until the bottom that finally functions as the footing, which will be stuck into a banana stem as the pedestal to stand on firmly. From the waist down a sarong type cloth is fixed hiding the puppeteer's hand holding the bamboo piece. The upper arm and its lower part, particularly the shoulder and elbow joints, are separated. The joints are connected with a threat/rope enabling the puppet move like real people. The upper arms of certain wayang characters are given upper arm ornaments or bracelets. Other parts of the body are often adorn with various ornaments such as beads-studded blouse, earrings, badong (spine ornament), keris etc. as regard to the body shape, facial expression, clothing, ornaments, they are adjusted to the character and position of the respective puppets.

Wooden Puppets

We're sorry that the picture of each wayang character can't be presented yet for the time being. But, if you want to know more about them or to purchase, please send us an email by clicking here.

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